Top 10 Best IELTS Online Coaching Platforms in India

Best IELTS classes online

The aspirations of Indian citizens are soaring higher with each passing day. Amidst all this, one of the objectives you may find common in half of India would be to appear for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and pursue higher education in an English-speaking country.

Almost 5.5 million people take the IELTS test from 130 countries. Talking about the scenario in India, this aspiration of studying abroad has opened several doors for IELTS educators, making it a ₹1,100 crore industry in India.

Almost every person appearing for IELTS considers taking coaching once in their lifetime. However, for some, time constraints or inaccessibility to a physical IELTS coaching centre plays a role in their lack of confidence.

If you’re also sailing in the same boat, don’t worry. Here is the list of the best IELTS classes online that provide superior IELTS education and can guarantee good bands.

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Advantages of Choosing IELTS Coaching Online

Regarding convenience, IELTS online coaching offers distinct advantages over traditional offline classes. Here’s why:


    • Flexibility: Online IELTS coaching allows you to tailor your training program to suit your schedule and preferences. With the facility to access course materials and lectures anytime, anywhere, you can study at your own pace and convenience.


    • Comprehensive Study Material: Upon enrollment in an online course, candidates can access a wide range of study materials covering all four IELTS modules – listening, writing, reading, and speaking. Additionally, many online platforms offer supplementary resources for grammar and speaking skills enhancement, providing a comprehensive learning experience.


    • Accessibility: With online coaching, geographical barriers are eliminated, allowing individuals from diverse locations to access high-quality IELTS preparation. Whether in a remote area or a busy city, as long as you have internet access, you can benefit from top-notch instruction.


    • Personalized Learning: Best IELTS classes online often offer personalized learning experiences, letting you focus on areas you need the most enhancement. You can receive targeted guidance tailored to your needs through interactive exercises, practice tests, and one-on-one sessions.


    • Cost-Effectiveness: Online IELTS coaching is often more cost-effective than traditional offline classes. With no commuting expenses or overhead costs, online programs offer excellent value for money without compromising quality.


    • Technological Advancements: Advancements in technology have transformed online learning platforms, making them highly interactive and engaging. With features such as live classes, virtual classrooms, and multimedia resources, online coaching replicates the classroom experience while offering added convenience.

Best IELTS classes online

Points to Evaluate Before Choosing an IELTS Coaching Program

Before committing to an IELTS coaching program, it’s crucial to consider several factors. Here are some key aspects to ponder:


  • Past Performance: Before finalizing IELTS tutoring, delve into the institute’s achievements and how they compare to other coaching centres. Their track record should offer insight into their effectiveness.


  • Trial Classes: Choosing a demo or sample class before enrollment is advisable. Reputable coaching centres often offer trial classes to allow students a glimpse into their teaching methods and course content.


  • Batch Timings: The scheduling of batches at the coaching institute is another vital consideration. Ensure that the available batch timings align with your schedule before enrolling.


  • Quality of Faculty: Assess the experience levels of the faculty members and the student-to-teacher ratio in each class. It’s essential to verify the competence and expertise of each faculty member before enrollment.


  • Fee Structure: Evaluate the pricing model of the coaching program. While a coaching institute may offer excellent services, it may not be a viable option if the fees are beyond your budget.


  • Study Materials and Assessments: Before enrolling, inquire about the coaching centre’s study materials and mock exams. A reputable institution typically offers comprehensive  study materials, practice exams, and detailed solutions for each question.


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10 Best IELTS Classes Online Platforms

Jotted down below is the list of 10 best IELTS online coaching platforms that you can explore:

1.   Kridha IELTS Academy

Choosing Kridha IELTS Academy for the best IELTS classes online provides numerous benefits that cater to the modern learner’s needs. With this institute, you will not have to adhere to rigid schedules. With their online courses, you can structure your learning around convenience, ensuring optimal comprehension and retention of concepts. Here, you can also find online courses taught by renowned tutors.

Why choose Kridha IELTS Academy?


    • Access to expert guidance and support

    • Immediate clarification of doubts and personalized feedback

    • Face-to-face video chats or interactive live sessions

    • A wealth of study materials and assessments

    • Comprehensive preparation resources

2. British Council

best ielts classes online

If you’re looking for a platform where you can find affordable best IELTS classes online, you can choose the British Council. Here, you can get private classes and find several study materials and live classes. Furthermore, you can expect guidance from professionals who help you with every module. You can even choose the language focus, schedule, type of classes, and the teacher.

Why choose the British Council?


    • Live online private and group classes

    • Flexible and affordable pricing

    • Available 24/7

    • Offers IELTS in more than 80 countries

    • Teacher-led vocabulary and grammar webinars

3.   edX

best IELTS classes online

edX is another platform that is known for a variety of courses. Among these, IELTS edX offers the best IELTS courses to help you enhance your English skills. Of all the courses, the one offered by the University of Queensland is preferred. This self-paced course teaches you everything about the IELTS exam, including strategies, skills, detailed answers, practice papers, and more.

Why choose edX?


    • A self-paced course that allows you to learn at your speed

    • Over 80 hours of practice material

    • Covers all four IELTS modules

    • Written and designed by experienced English professionals

    • Engaging multimedia presentations

4.   Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has more than 200 programs covering both offline and online education. The institute has been recognized as one of India’s best 100 educational companies. When you choose this institute for IELTS, you can rest assured that you will get a strategic course designed to help you enhance your language skills. With their course, you can pull up any band score you want.

Why choose Henry Harvin?


    • Live interactive classes

    • Two-way communication

    • Engaging in discussions to derive ideas

    • Well-planned curriculum and study material

    • Certified trainers with years of experience

5.   Leap Scholar

best IELTS classes online

This is another platform offering the best IELTS classes online. This academy helps students in choosing the best university in a foreign land. Not only that, but it also helps with job interviews, the application process, and financial counselling. The experienced faculty teaches students basic and advanced sessions, including grammar revision classes.

Why choose Leap Scholar?


    • IELTS prep mobile app available

    • Experienced faculty with years of experience

    • Qualitative online lectures

    • A dedicated team of counsellors

    • Different types of courses are available

6.   IDP IELTS India

Boasting over 25 years of experience, IDP IELTS works in collaboration with IDP IELTS Australia and the British Council. Moreover, it also takes pride in more than 45 years of experience in higher education. This platform offers a comprehensive 30-day IELTS preparation program that comprises more than 25 hours of study material, including practice tests.

Why choose IDP IELTS India?


    • Recognized by more than 11,000 organizations across the world

    • Accepted by 3,000+ institutions in the USA

    • Offers free practice test

    • Options to choose from computer-based and paper-based tests

    • Specially curated tips and videos by professionals

7.   IELTS Ninja

best ielts classes online

This platform is run by personal trainers who teach students throughout the world. IELTS Ninja has taught more than 80,000 students from 17 nations. Their courses have been divided into three categories. You will find their content to be instructional and interactive. Along with that, you can also find assignments and practice tests here.

Why choose IELTS Ninja?


    • Offers free consultation

    • Personalised 1:1 learning

    • Dedicated trainers teaching through patented strategy videos

    • High-quality mock tests

    • Demo class with trainers

8.   IELTSLiz

This private platform is owned by Elizabeth (Liz) and is one of the best IELTS classes online. Elizabeth has impressive English tutoring experience and has helped students achieve the highest possible band scores. She also provides free information and answers varying questions on the website.

Why choose IELTSLiz?


    • Resources created from years of experience

    • Free IELTS lessons and tips

    • Experienced qualified English teacher

    • Specialises in IELTS preparation since 2008

    • Advanced IELTS ebooks

9.   IELTSMaterial

IELTSMaterial is another choice among the best IELTS classes online for comprehensive IELTS Academic and General exam preparation. Their website is a treasure trove of invaluable resources, featuring an extensive array of free tips, tricks, and practice tests meticulously crafted for all four sections of the IELTS exam. Additionally, they offer complimentary vocabulary and grammar lessons alongside regular updates on the IELTS exam to ensure you’re equipped to achieve a remarkable 8+ band score.

Why choose IELTSMaterial?


    • Provides personalized learning experiences

    • Live one-on-one interactive sessions

    • Tailored guidance and support

    • The comprehensive program comprises over 30 hours of live training sessions

    • 100+ lectures of self-paced learning content

10.  Udemy

best ielts classes online

Udemy is one of the well-known platforms available for various courses, including IELTS. You can easily find a gamut of IELTS courses on Udemy designed for varying purposes, ultimately making it one of the best IELTS classes online. Whether you’re starting your English journey from scratch or already know the basics of IELTS, you can find a course suiting your needs on Udemy. You can find downloadable resources here and access tips on handling different IELTS modules from home.

Why choose Udemy?


    • Plenty of preparation courses are available

    • Courses covered in more than 20 languages

    • Videos available in different durations

    • Courses available with subtitles, quizzes, and practice tests

    • Intermediate, Beginner, and Expert levels available



Mastering any language poses challenges that demand dedication and effort, especially when preparing for the IELTS exam. Enroll the best IELTS classes online institute can greatly assist in overcoming these challenges. The online coaching institutes have consistently delivered outstanding results, maintaining an impressive track record. Enrolling in one offers numerous benefits, providing a competitive advantage in vocabulary and grammar – crucial for achieving a high IELTS score.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which site is best for IELTS preparation?

The best site for IELTS preparation may vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, popular options include platforms like Kridha IELTS Academy, IELTSLiz, and the British Council’s official IELTS website, which offer comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and valuable tips for exam success.

2. Which is the best online coaching for IELTS in India?

Determining the best IELTS classes online in India depends on various factors such as teaching methodology, course content, affordability, and student reviews. If you want all of them on one platform, you can go with Kridha IELTS Academy.

3. What is the best IELTS course online?

The best IELTS course online is subjective and depends on factors such as individual learning style, budget, and specific requirements. However, highly recommended courses often include comprehensive study materials, personalized feedback, practice tests, and interactive lessons from experienced tutors.

4. Is online IELTS coaching effective?

Online IELTS coaching can be highly effective if structured properly with engaging content, interactive learning tools, and personalized support. Many students find online coaching from Kridha IELTS Academy convenient and flexible, allowing them to study easily and access resources from anywhere.

5. How can I start IELTS coaching online?

To start coaching online, you can research the best IELTS classes online, such as Kridha IELTS Academy, which offers IELTS preparation courses. Once you’ve chosen a suitable course, enrol in it, set up your study schedule, and actively engage with the course materials and practice exercises provided.

6. Is IELTS easier online or offline?

The difficulty level of IELTS preparation can be similar whether pursued online or offline. Both modes of coaching offer access to quality study materials, expert guidance, and practice tests. However, some individuals may find online coaching more convenient due to its flexibility and accessibility.

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